Help and Rules
What is it?
KHUFU'S BITCOIN LINE is a simple collaboration project that allows participants to receive a significant amount of Bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC) from other project participants based on the FIFO principle ("first in first out").
How it works?
This is quite simple:
To join a new participant enters their Bitcoin address (they will receive payments to that address) and creates a password to log in into their Dashboard and check their status.
Upon registration the new participant receives 3 (three) addresses entered by previous participants and should send the exact amount of 0.001 BTC to each of those addresses. This is called "Preliminary Steps".
After your Preliminary Steps are completed and the system receives the confirmations from Blockchain for all 3 transfers YOUR address is going into rotation, meaning that next new participants will have YOUR address in their Preliminary steps.
Are there any limits?
Yes, obviously there are some limits but not that heavy as they might be:
1. Your account is active for 100 days, so the sooner you complete your Preliminary Steps the longer your address will remain in the rotation.
2. The system can assign your address to not more than 1,000 new participants, so if you wish to receive as much payments as you can you may want to share this Website address to your Social Media and invite other people to join in.
How much Bitcoin will I receive?
After you complete your Preliminary Steps your address goes into rotation and will be assigned to up to 1,000 new participants during up to 100 days, so your high limit is 1.000 BTC.
However, the actual amount will depend on two things:
1. The sooner you complete your Preliminary Steps the better, as your address will be in rotation for longer period.
2. There is always a chance that one or more of the participants become "sabouters" and will decide not to send you the payment - see the answer below. In this case you will receive less payments.
What happens if I register my address but not complete my Preliminary Steps?
Nothing will happen to you including the fact that you won't receive any payments, as your address will never go to the rotation.
However that will hurt somebody in the line before you as they will not receive payment from you and finish up with less Bitcoin amount as they could.
Please join the system only if you want to actually participate in it, as it all based on the mutual trust of the participants.

We measure such "sabouters" ratio to the overall amount of the registered participants and you can see it as "Rotation Percentage" in the home page.
We reserve the right to deactivate accounts who did not complete their Preliminary Steps in 5 days after their rgistration and ban their Bitcoin Addresses from joing the Project again.
What happens if I send less than or more than 0.001 BTC to one of my Preliminery Steps' addresses?
1. DO NOT send less than 0.001 BTC to the addresses in your Peliminary Steps. Your transfer won't be counted as a completion of that step. However, the recepient will recive this payment from you but we cannot enforce them to make a refund to you.
2. You MAY send more than 0.001 BTC to the addresses in your Peliminary Steps. The transfer will be counted as a completion of that step PLUS the recepient will receive nice bonus from you.

We strongly recommend to send the exact amount of 0.001 BTC keeping in mind that your Wallet provider will charge you miner (and maybe some other) fees.
When the system will be shut down?
System architecture is programmed to stop accepting new participants if Rotation Percentage will go under 20%.
Why are you asking for my password? Do you want to steal from my Bitcoin address?
Of course not.
We ask you to CREATE your own password for this Website only, not to enter the password or key from your Bitcoin wallet.
The purpose of creating a password is to give you the ability to log in into your account on this Website using your Bitcoin address as your username and the password you created upon registration.
Your Dashboard shows your account status and stats as well as give your the access to your Preliminary Steps.